Pondicherry: In Pictures

December in Pondicherry is lovely. The weather is gentle, the sea breeze abundant and the food is delicious.

The five Rathas at Mahabalipuram

The lighthouse of Pondicherry - peeping from the tree tops
Fresh 'Kolam' outside every house every morning!

Bay of Bengal - Early in the morning

Fishermen at sea - early mornings are a sight to behold
The Pier in Pondicherry - what a place to work out!
Quintessential street in the French Quarter
The quiet streets
One for the road - a tumbler of pure coffee!
A Christmas nativity scene made of... bread and biscuits!

Walkway to Matri Mandir - Auroville

The Matri Mandir at Auroville - the breeze outside is so pure and good, you can meditate with the views!



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