All that gets baked

You know, when I first started blogging, I put all these haphazard links and photos into a blog post and labelled them as 'Things I made' or 'Things I like' - Obviously I hadn't read Blogging 101 then (come to think of it, have I read it now?)

But the fact is, for every one I post, there are 2 languishing in my draft folder.

So here's a photo story of what hasn't come to the blog. I make plenty of mistakes: flat cakes, soggy ├ęclairs. Sometimes, I forget which recipe I used. Sometimes, I don't remember the quantities I used or sometimes, I just forget to photograph the final product.

Brioche with jam
Brioche - I had this in my drafts for so long, I cannot remember when I made it. But the brioche worked out OK, even without a stand mixer

The beginnings of Carrot Raisin Bars

Cookies, ready to be baked, but were never photographed after they were baked.

Same story, different cookies


Croissants - here's where I forgot what recipe I used.

Banana Bread - Because I like it and because there as SO many baked goods with banana out here.

And then there are ├ęclairs, that were good, but went soggy the next day.



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