Coorg is still something of a mystery to so many people. People know that coffee comes from the 'south' (in India) but very few people know exactly where it comes from (Chikmanglur and Coorg). Did you know that India has a Coffee Board? Did you know they have some cool facts about Indian Coffee on their website? I'd suggest if you are looking for something different, and a really relaxed, refreshing holiday, consider Coorg.

What to do

Honestly? Everything and nothing. Don't go there with a fixed itinerary. Decide once you reach. Take a look around. Monsoon is said to be a beautiful time to be there - but there's not much you can do if it rains.

Top 10 things to do when in Coorg (or a a list of stuff that you can do) -

1. Go for a plantation walk - See how coffee grows, how pepper grows, try and spot the different types of coffee!

2. See how the locals work in a plantation. Plantations need round the year care, so there's always some work going on.

3. Drink coffee. Drink lots of coffee - Yes, drink coffee. you are in the coffee heartland.

4. Eat food of the Kodavas - And if you are a meat eater - then you are in for a treat. Their pork 'pandi curry' is one of Kodava cuisine's most popular. The cuisine is totally different and not available easily in India, so eat as much local fare as you can.

5. Drink their one meter Chai/Coffee from the village restaurant

6. Try to spot the Giant Malabar Squirrel - An elusive, beautiful and shy animal - this squirrel only moves high up on trees.

7. Hunt for Passion Fruit, Avocados and Tabasco Chillies.

8. Walk in a village early in the morning - School kids running around, Fresh Rangoli outside every house with traditional Kannada music playing loudly everywhere - a village walk is so refreshing - you'll wonder why you live in a city - when you could live across a coffee plantation

9. Go for a trek in the forest (but never ever go alone. Go with a local or a guide becaus these forests, they have wild untamed elephants. Again DO NOT go alone)

10. Sit under the stars at night

In Madikeri you must visit

Omkareshwara Temple
Abbi Falls
Raja's Seat

A little out of Madikeri 

Visit Siddapur
Visit the Dubare Elephant Camp
Talacauvery - The place where the River Cauvery originates

Where to Stay

1. Orange County Resorts
2. The Windflower Resort and Spa
3. The Tamara Coorg
4. Club Mahindra, Madikeri
5. Vivanta by Taj

For all the reviews see Kodagu on TripAdvisor

Some facts -

District - Kodagu/Coorg
Town - Madikeri
Villages - Koradigodu, Siddapur, Yavakapadi,

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