From a memory - Mango Ice Cream

As I much as I have wanted to, I don't own an Ice Cream maker. And that's just as well, because if I did, I'd stock my freezer with nothing other than cream and milk and sit next to the machine, churning ice cream all day. But then when I do want to eat ice cream, I have to make the effort to go out and get it (so here's and idea for entrepreneurs: would you start an Ice Cream delivery service?)

mango ice cream- no egg, no churn

This mango season I realised I hadn't baked a single dish with the mango - the king of fruit.  But to put the delicious, juicy mango in the oven along with eggs and butter seemed a bit too much to me. Or it could be that everytime I cut a mango to bake I was too tempted to eat it straight up. So this year once again I turned to a frozen dessert - an ice cream and a first for this blog (because my previous attempt was Kulfi).

This is not a conventional icecream recipe. It's not really 'smooth and creamy and velvety' and all that stuff that a real ice cream maybe. Once frozen, its cold, and milky, dotted with peices of mango, all icy when you try to scoop it out. What it is - something you want to eat on a hot sweltering summer day, when all you want is the goodness of mango without worrying about all the cream within. It is a reminder of simpler times - when people didn't own ice cream makers. This is something my dad remembers from his childhood days. It's something I remember from my vaccation days. This recipe can still be made in an ice cream maker/churner - as I heard is made in some Royal Rajasthani households (I have to admit, this was something of a revelation for me). The following recipe has no added cream (but you can most certainly add). Which means you can eat an entire container of it and tell yourself - that it was milk after all!

no cream, all milk, no egg mango ice creamYou need:

1 litre (1000 ml) whole, full fat milk
1/2 cup powdered sugar
Pulp of 4 large mangos (whatever is in season or whatever you like most - I used Alphonsos - Ratnagiri)

Boil the milk and keep it on low heat till the milk reduces to about half its quantity. This took me about 40 minutes on low flame. Let it cool. Meanwhile, remove the skin from the mangoes and roughly chop them up. Take out as much pulp as you can from the mango. Set about 3/4 cup of the pulp aside. Once the milk is cool, add the mango (except the pulp kept aside) to it and using a hand blender (or in a mixer if you prefer), churn for about 5 minutes until you get a smooth mixture. Now add the sugar. I have said half a cup, but honestly that can differ depending on the sweetnes of the mangoes and your taste. Add 1 tablespoon at a time, taste and then add more. Stop when you think it's the right amount of sweet. Then add the mango pulp you set aside. Mix it gently and pour it into a plastic container and freeze it for at least 5 hours.
(Mine took longer - a lot longer - but only because I had to keep tasting it every 15 minutes - just to... you know...see if it was set. )

no egg, no churn, all milk ice cream


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