Diwali - Indian Desserts

This is going to be short post, originally intended to be long, but then I couldn't decide on what recipe to share with you. So I decided to share a bunch of them.
I sometimes pride my self on the fact that I have no one single favourite cuisine. I like something from everything. But it so happens that the term 'picky eater' applies to me. Ironic? Yes.

This Diwali, I tried to make some differnt desserts. Indian desserts. Oh all the regulars were there too - Karanji (Fried sweet dumplings with a fresh coconut stuffing), Chivda (Spiced flat rice snack), Laadoo (Sweet chick pea flour rolls) - but Mom made those. They are classics, and I aim to learn from all the pros in my family. 

Here's what I am sharing here - Kalakand, Kheer and my attempt at Gajar Halwa (Carrot pudding). You will find all the recipes by following the link given below - as the recipes have appeared on the online magazine.

Find all three here - Diwali special: Gluten free sweets for Diwali in Femina online edition

Find more inspiration and variety here on Femina

Apple kheer

Wishing everyone a very Happy Deepavali!

Coconut Toffe

Channa Dal Barfee

Chocolate squares


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