Delhi Days - Part 2 - Foodaholics, Chocaholics and Shopaholics

I don't know why it takes me this long to write one post. These days I have Posts popping up in my head every now and then, but it takes me a long time to follow up. Not a good habit is it? So first things first, Oh sorry, this is Part 2 - Delhi Days - Foodaholics, Chocaholics and Shopaholics

1. Pan (paan) Shots (@ Punjab Grill)
I have to admit, I was actually scared of them. Regular Paan - that's OK (since I have know them all my life)Paan in a glass? Liquid Paan?? Still SO famous? WHY? But I'll get to that. Before that, the food @ Punjab Grill. Honest to Goodness Punjabi fare. Absolutely unbelievable. Paneer Makhani was not just Paneer Maakhni - the Paneer was huge chunks of Melt in the mouth, too soft to hold, in a yummy tomato butter curry; the Daal Makhni, the Sarson Ka Saag, the butter Naan, it was all mouth-watering. And, the dessert station, it was magnificent. Tri coloured Rasagullas, Shot glass RasMalai, Moong Dal Halwa... By the time I had finished with every single thing I could taste, and take second helpings of, I had forgotten about the Paan Shot, which was when someone maitre'd came and graciously asked us if we were ready for our PaanShots? (Sure, Thanks for reminding). They came as green froth in a shot glasses. I sat there looking at it wondering what the concoction really was. I almost left it there too long. You see, its made of ice cream(Yes, Ice cream- why was I scared??) and another few seconds, it would have lost all its essence. It has to be one shot, dont bother to sip it slowly(take it from me), its just not as much fun. It actually tastes good - the taste I feel is the 'it grows on you' kind.
UPDATE - Read some more about Paan shots here on CNNGO

2. Chocolate Chocolate
I ate too many cakes with way too much icing. But who's complaining? I had to check out all the bakeries right? So the highlights were Sugar and Spice (which is almost everywhere), and Chokolat. I got to have the best hot chocolate that can be served by a restaurant (here in India - my fav one is still the one in Venice). The pastry we had (sorry I dont remember the name - dark chocolate truffle something) was rich. But good. Then there's the Red Velvet Cake that I made (which is when I finally realised - NEVER bake with vague measurements) that was slightly uneven and dense, but tasted nice(I hope)

3. Ambience Island (and More)
Just what I could remember. Or wait was it even bigger?  Some 5 stories of complete entertainment(and I think that includes some kind of a Golf Course!!) There all kinds of Stores here. From Convenience stores, mega sized supermarkets, to designer showrooms, cutlery, electronics...(the rest you'll have to just visit and see). One visit is just not enough. Any occasion, and they usually have a 5 storey centre piece. But the highlight (Shopaholis wise) for me was window shopping at YSL bags, Jimmy Choo Shoes, and Cartier (Diamond studded, may I add) watches in DLF Emporio.

4. The lovely authentic Punjabi Khana..
...and more. Even the home delivered food tastes of real makkhan (butter). The butter naan, the makhni dals. Apart from that, the specialty restaurants also manage to serve really nice authentic food - no mixed cuisines.

5. And how did I forget Cinnabon?
That's something that I had heard from so many people. Cinnamon rolls. Frosting. Etc. And even though anything with Cinnamon is not really on my top 10 list, this I had to see. How was it? Well, cold, microwaved rolls are not as much fun (so make sure you try the mini ones, and fresh), but their frosting was really great!


  1. Obviously a gastronomic delight!!

  2. Anonymous28 June, 2011

    Obviously a gastronomic delight!!


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