And one more rainy day

This story is getting old. I think this is the third one now. In a series of - 'getting wet in the rain on a holiday'. It doesn't matter how well prepared I am! Of course, this particular one does not compare at all to the others , but still - it's not amusing- getting drenched every time, and especially not when the outside temperature is 18°C and every time you set your foot forward it feels like you have stepped into a puddle because your socks have taken on the form of water soaked cotton. Ew. But it all got made up. More on that later.
So the wet is again contributed to the (in)famous English weather. I got wet on my way from the house to the tube station, and from then from the station to the Churchill War and Cabinet Rooms(which are great, especially because all the technology actually takes you back and experience history). Then on my way to the Royal Botanical Gardens(Kew) a couple of hours later, the sun was out - as if I had dreamt up the entire thing.

Kew is a botanist's dream - big open spaces, classic Wodehouse like settings(house, lake, ducks J ), large greenhouses, and freedom to roam around as much as you want, anywhere you want. I wanted to pick some berries from the blueberry bushes but not wanting to risk getting caught, I decided on lunch at the Pavillion restaurant, where I sat under the grapevine arches eating fruits and having a hot Mocha latte watching aircraft's coming in to land at Heathrow...!

But I had a train to catch - so after a more leisurely walk back, I came back to Westminster and caught a city cruise(boat) from there to Greenwich. Which is where I saw the shooting for the new......
Johnny Depp movie.......Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - On Stranger Tides!
(That's why - that day's rain - I actually like it!!!)


  1. Very well said. I like your travelogue interspersed with memories of tiny moments and the big picture. Keep it up! You are gonna be a great story teller in the near future.

  2. I love your travel posts-
    they are quite vivid.
    The Churchill War Rooms are great!-
    we spent almost three hours there after calculating for one.


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