Polka Dots in Snowfall

I am hoping that the name sounds exotic. In a restaurant, I always like to order something that sounds exotic, main course or dessert. Especially the dessert. There's something in the name, I believe, that clicks in our brains, paints a picture and you start imagining what the dish would look like. Therefore I had to give some kind of a fancy name to this cake.

I love thick, creamy, pastries, but there are times when I want to eat just a cake without having to think how much cream I consume. Most cake shops and bakeries do sell non iced cakes but they are usually brownies, vanilla muffins, butter cake, more muffins, more brownies. There is so much more variety of cakes and nobody seems to have made them commercially available.

And so I am now on a mission to find the most different, unique and innovative cakes possible. Hence this cake.  It is partly Red Velvet Cake and partly Devil's Food cake. Now why I say partly is because it is essentially a red velvet cake without the red colouring and a lot more chocolate (obviously!). An why is this partly Devil's Food Cake? Because a Red velvet cake is a modified Devil's food cake! Confused? (I am!)

So I went crawling on the Web to try and find what a Devil's Food Cake actually is. It seems it is the counterpart of an equally famous "Angel Food Cake". According to the Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink, John F. Mariani [Lebhar Friedman:New York] 1999 (p. 111):

"Devil's food. A cake, muffin, or cookie made with dark chocolate, so called because it is supposedly so rich and delicious that it must be somewhat sinful, although the association is clearly made with humor. Its dark color contrasted with the snowy white of angel-food cake, an earlier confection. The first devil's food recipe appeared in 1900, after which recipes and references became frequent in cookbooks. The "red devil's food cake," given a reddish-brown color by the mixture of cocoa and baking soda, is post-World War II version of the standard devil's food cake."

Most Chocolate cakes turn out to be very dry unless they are put in syrup (like a black forest). This one on the other hand is very moist and soft...
My version: Its decorated, yet there's no cream on top!


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