All "Fed" Up

All of you must have heard of the 'American Plan' that hotels give in holiday packages. It is essentially all 3 meals included in the price of the holiday package. Now beware, these meals are usually buffets or in thier absence, a menu set by the Chef. On a recent trip, I stayed at a 4 star hotel and had taken the American Plan. Now I knew the pitfalls of such a Plan, once you are stuffed after a scrumptious breakfast, you don't want to eat lunch, but we thought, why not, for once lets give it try. You have got to be adventurous on your holiday at least!

Our "package" started with lunch which strangely was only for an hour and a half, whereas the breakfast and dinner are for 3 hours each! So we go for lunch and the buffet is something I did not expect. Those of you who have been to great buffets (and by that I mean buffets that are priced at Rs 399 and above) know how exentensive the range of food can be (but for some strange reason, these buffets don't serve great desserts; they offer variety but its not the best in class).

Now this particular buffet, was laid out in a compact space, but had so much variety that I can't even begin to recount here without a look into my journal! The salads were so many that I was baffled. They had something with mustard, zucchini, courgette and chicken, they had bruchettas, pasta, fruit chaat, banana basil salad.... For main course, they had a variety of Indian breads, made to order, 3 vegetables, 3 non vegetarian dishes, varities of rice and dal.... I am full just thinking about it! And then the dessert stand. This is my favourite part. No matter how full I was, I used to always have everything from this course. They served a variety of  Indian desserts (rasagullas,kheers, gulab jamun, barfi) and an even bigger selection of continental desserts (puddings, cheesecake, cake, brownie, icecream, terrines, soufflĂ©, mousse, gateaux.......................)
Dinner was the same.

We all have a limit for eating, but strangely when you see so much food and that is legitimately part of your package, all you want to do is eat. Never mind you are not exercising, never mind all that you do is lounge around. So next time you are on holiday, make sure you take the MAP instead of American Plan. Or be prepared to forgo your diet and get "Fed" up!



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