A Singapore experience!

It was 4 years ago so this account might be a bit grainy, but I am going to try my best. I call this 'the laser show' because it literally was that. The Sentosa Island in Singapore is certainly not one of a kind but for me it was Disneyland (also partly because I missed both the ones in Paris as well as Hong Kong). It certainly is not. The name itself sounded exotic - Sentosa. I was already in awe with Singapore (what with Mustafa - the 24 hr shopping mall right behind the hotel, the squeaky clean roads, fast metros, Tiramisu on Clark Quay, Mercedes cars for cabs...). Its an island in Singapore where you can go by road or ropeway. We naturally took the ropeway! So after a day at the island the last and the best attraction was the musical water fountain and laser show they call Songs of the Sea. In their own words it has "live cast and dramatic effects pyrotechnics, water jets, brilliant lasers, special computer imaging, captivating music and stunning flame bursts". The whole day even the dolphins had not managed to distract me from looking forward to this. So off we went walking at the end of a long day and got seated in the open air auditorium. the show started and with that so did a drizzle. Slight but it started the moment the fountains started. Nobody there minded the drizzel that much but within 2 minutes the drizzle turned into full fledged rain. It started pouring and along with the showers came the thunder. So much for a laser show! there were lights everywhere! People had waited the whole day for this and chose to find every but of cover there was just to watch the show. As if. I was standing under a small tree with 4 other people. Surprisingly, despite the rain, the show carried on. The performers came, got drenched, but all did thier part. Even the imaging in the fountains wasnt disturbed because of the rain. Made me think, they must have designed it with the rain in their minds. But they did cancel the fireworks. And then after 20 minutes the show came to an end. And as we stepped out of the auditorium the rain too stopped as if it had been made for the show and the sky was clear.

P.S. I later came to know that Singapore does have a weather pattern like this where it rains in bursts in some areas. So it was just meant to be!

P.S.S Those who want to know more about Sentosa here's the link - http://www.sentosa.com.sg/explore_sentosa/attractions/songs_of_the_sea.html


  1. I liked your style of narration. Easy flowing. Keep it up!

  2. I liked your style of narration. Easy flowing. Keep it up!


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