On my first post as a wanna be Globe trekker I want to write about the first time I travelled abroad.  It's not like I haven't travelled before. I have (I have reached a point where I don't remember how many schools I have changed. That doesn't mean I am complaining). But this trip was different. It was ANOTHER country. All that you see on television. Something you dream of. An extraordinary land. ABROAD. FOREIGN. Not India... You get the picture.
Destination: Somewhere in South Asia (This I am not revealing right at this moment; but it is a BIG city). The experience began not when we landed, but on Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. The flight on was amazing. What with the movie, the beverages, the snacks... I was in anothere world. When we landed and got out of the airport towards our bus, everything seemed different to me. The air had a different smell. The buildings had their own charm. I should have been sleepy, it was 5 am in the morning but I was too busy loking around. I was dazed! Breakfast: McDonalds. Even Better! Who has burgers for breakfast?? 
And so it began...


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