Maggi, Maggi, Maggi!

Us defence kids! We grow up on Maggi and Bournvita. I was never a really big fan of Maggi (and by that I mean I didn't need to have a Maggi everyday; certainly not that I did not eat Maggi ever). But it is one of those things, you know, that are just there. They don't go away, they don't change, and anytime you feel hungry, 'Bas 2 minute'! All those variants Maggi has today are nice...they have evolved from Masala to plenty flavours (tomato, curry, chicken) and types (rice, atta, cuppa). But the good old Maggi is THE Maggi. We are so attached to the specific size and shape of the maggi noodles cake that even a small change will not go unnoticed. Our Canteen has taken Maggi noodles to the next level (no offence Nestle, its just the way it is but we still love maggi). His simple additions to the humble Maggi Masala (oh no no... I am not giving those away!!) make it a treat for the hungry and the not so hungry. You can be sure if you are sitting with your friends and are eating a plate of Maggi, you will get about half of it depending on how much everybody else lets you eat ;) So Thank you Maggi! We have grown up with you, you are 25 years old, and now I am going to eat some Maggi...just Me aur Meri Maggi!!

PS - If you liked the ad jingle here's a video you will like:
This is the original 1950 song.

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  1. i so agree with u !!!:-) I luv Maggie too....

  2. hehe! i think its our common view ;)

  3. I think you should seriously consider a career in writing on trends in food and beverages for websites/magazines visited/read by the youth.

    A good write up. Spontaneous and witty.


  4. Thank you. I am considering it :) Seriously.


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