An overload of baking...

Thats right! I just realised I have been baking a lot without realising that I had actually made all this stuff. Its not going to stop here. I have a long waiting list that (the newer, more complex ;) recipes I have looking around for.) I admit to not making anything original yet but I don't think I am ready for that. I can manage getting a recipe right but making my own is still a long way to go.I should also warn you, I am inclined to baking, though I like to cook just about anything vegetarian: that's how far I have gone till now. So Cakes for today. Following are Dutch Apple Cake, Chocolate chip muffins and Red Velvet Cake:

Dutch Apple Cake is something i have never eaten before so I can't comment on how it turned out. But essentially like a vanilla cake topped with apples and baked. It rose very well so the technique I used was correct (recipe: Rachel Allen:Bake!)

Chocolate Muffins: I added the chocolate chips just to make them a little bit different! I recently acquired a muffin tray and the paper cups so I have started practising with muffins/cupcakes. Now cupcakes differ from the classic muffins: English style they are made with yeast and are not very sweet. There are various differences between the two. For details:

This was a completely new experiment. I had made a Red Velvet Cake a long time back but that was a ready mix. I came across this recipe (Rachel Allen - It is not a simple cake to make and is very big. But it tastes really nice. I add extra cocoa to make it more chocolaty!


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