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I saw the movie Julie & Julia (2009) recently. No, I am not deviating from my food talk. In fact I couldn't be more closer to the food talk. Anyone who has seen this movie might uderstand what I mean. This is no review of the movie as there are plenty you'll find if you Google it (but it is an excllent movie!).
Most of my friends saw this movie before me. Everyone of them told me that I have to watch the movie. 2 things in common that I do have: a blog (which I am trying very hard to update regularly) and cooking (or is it food?). I admire both these women tremendously. I am just a student, I can only practice my cooking on the weekends though I do speak French and I am obsessed with food! Could I do what Julie Powell did? Can I take a challenge like this? Yes I can (though I'll need much longer than that ;) and I might need a book on P√Ętisserie). Till then, I think I'll practice!!
All the food lovers and chefs you have to see this movie...
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