First ever Alumni meet...

Whats that? Alumni meet?? Yes. I went for the first ever alumni meet-09 of the Life Sciences Department(Biotechnology, Microbiology, Environmental Science) of Fergusson College. I had to go! I was after all from the first batch of the Biotecnology course. And it certainly wasn't easy being the first ever batch. We had to contend with major issues starting with infrastructure. There was none! We were given one room that served as a lab, a classroom, etc... I could go on about this(since we shifted to our new department only in the last semester). But honestly, despite all the problems that we had, we did learn a lot. It's not easy studying the university syllabus on your own, finding project ideas, completing the project. But I had some great friends and the 3 years at Fergusson were really great. So back to the Alumni meet. It was short notice so many people couldn't attend. There were the 6 of us from my batch. I will not get into describing the event...but it brought back the feeling of being a Fergussonian. The department has really grown. Its being well maintained and they have the latest imported equipment that are any scientist's dream. Our non teaching staff(often referred to in Fergusson as mama and maushi) are the same all of us had a special attachment to them ( they have really really helped us through the 3 years). Then there was the lunch! Frankly, I was impressed and I really felt special.
I know I have deviated from my usual Food talk but I just had to write this. Fergusson college is celebrating 125 years - Post Centenary Silver Jubilee this year (2009). The college still has Victorian architecture and stone buildings. It's worth a visit. It is one of the top 10 colleges for Science in the country and I am honoured to be an alumnus!


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