Another one...

For how long am going to continue saying 'long time'?
Here comes another attempt to update my blog. Our professor mentioned the other day (and honestly, it is on one of his assignments that I actually started this blog) that internet presence is going to be the next big thing for recruiters ( I mean the candidate's presence ). And I fall in the Job Seeker's category from now on ;)
Yes, blogging does take time, but it gives me a forum to publish 'my cooking adventures'. Social networking, Micro-blogging, apart, i can post my pictures here, write freely about them and have fun in the process ( and I think this is the first time in a year that I am writing so much in a post!!)
Here's a picture of a chocolate cake that I made (egg less) with icing. This is one of the only attempts in icing where what i made looks like a design!


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