A whole lot of desserts!

Long time!
Really really long time!! My execuse? College, summers, college, then assignments. Not very strong especially since I am now in the 3rd Semester. So I am making up by adding the pictures of all that I have done over the past 3 months.......

This picture is of a Chocolate Cheesecake... I have never tasted it before so I am not sure how well it came out as compared to the real ' chocolate cheesecake' but it did not crack and set very well since this was the first time I made a 'baked' cheesecake
Black Forest too..... Again I made this cake and used grated chocolate and a sponge cake. Turned out good.
Chocolate chip brownies. Very easy to make and the brownies are really good.

Non Bake, low fat, Cherry cheesecake..... Absolutely eay to make!


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